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Soke Hatsumi Quotes from Shindenfudoryu Dakentaijutsu video

Posted by Sensei on October 24, 2012 at 2:10 PM

In the video Shindenfudoryu Dakentaijutsu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9giWpeXX3yA&feature=player_embedded) Soke. Hatsumi says (at 44:38 min):


"The warrior consciousness: the way of life that seeks to perfect that is the realm of natural technique."


One interpretation can be that "one can only perfect natural techniques and the warriors actively pursues this goal consciously in training".


Many times have I heard Soke Willson also say (I am paraphrasing) : "Do not go against the persons grain when executing a technique, although it is still possible, yet less natural, to force a grain in a technique"


Another quote (at 44:02 min): "Nature is made up of moment to moment changes. It is very important not to lose one’s way in those momentary changes. Thus one must nurture courage through the warrior path… Nurture thus the courage to be able to change naturally, without being frightened by change."


One interpretation can be that "do not lose sight of your true self and your values that are at your core during moments of change in your daily life and in training. Training will help nurture courage naturally and therefore allow you to not be stressed or startled in any moment of change or instability you may encounter."


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